Areas of Specialization

BadassDesign specializes in graphics design for the digital media.
We provide stunning graphics for games and mobile apps.
Game design is our particular forte!

Mobile Apps

We can create UX for your next killer app


Your games will shine by using our graphics. Just check out our samples.


Give your brand a distinct identity with our logo design service.


We do awesome 2D and 3D animations for every need.


I might be slightly biased in favor of a company founded by my colleagues but the portfolio says it all. is a natural choice when you need to have a killer design.

George S.
AlgorX, Inc.

What We Offer

We offer a full range of graphic design and animation (both 2D and 3D) services. We do both cartoonish and photorealistic graphics and animation equally well. A more complete list of our services is given below.

Logo Design

Logo is probably one of the strongest symbols of a company. Get a quality logo that your company deserves.

App Design

Modern applications require polished and sleek user interfaces. Design your killer app with us.

2D Game Design

You may program a good gameplay but without visually appealing graphics your game will not be perfect.

3D Modelling

Whether you need a low-poly model for a game or a complicated high-poly models for architecture, we can deliver both.

2D Animation

From explanatory videos to game animations you can use our 2D animation services.

3D Animation

We can deliver 3D animations at affordable prices.

Why Us?

Are you tired of overpaying for your graphic design work? Would you like to experience very quick turnound time without sacrifying the quality? Do you need to work with designers who understand your needs? Do you want to simply have the best design you can get out there? Then you know why you have to choose BadassDesign.Co

Brilliant Design. Affordable Prices.

We approach each and every client on an individual basis. However, below we try to give you some idea what our services may cost you. Take these prices as good estimates. As you can see, you can get high quality graphic design services without breaking the bank.

Save up to 15% on the second order!

  • Price

Logo Design

  • $50-$150

Mobile App Design

  • $1500-$2500

2D Game Design

  • $2500-$4000